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Alright...I am 20 years old already. No longer in teens. Hm...a big change? Perhaps. I guess with a new chapter now, I have to be more sensible, responsible and also more fun-loving (haha, of course). Hm...looking back at my past 19years, I have been quite lucky in many ways. Hope the luck persists haha.

I am really grateful for many things in my life.

First, my wonderful family. They are always caring and showering me with love.
Second, my group of friends. They always light up my day with jokes and laughter.
Third, being healthy. I am grateful for being spared the pain and torture that many people had.
Fourth, my academic route. What else can I ask for, except better GPA.
Fifth, my experiences. No matter good or bad, they have helped to mould me for who I am now.

I feel blessed!

I guess birthday is a time whereby you are reminded of all the things that you have and also all the people who cared. It was heart-warming when I received smses from friends and relatives wishing me happy birthday.

Anyway, on my birthday, I celebrated with my family. It was a sweet and nice dinner.

Yesterday, I celebrated with my clique. We went to Waraku for dinner and I bought a cake called chocolate royal from sweet secrets as well. I love the cake! It was recommended by my cousin, who bought it for my mum's birthday.

I enjoyed yesterday's celebration alot! Especially the presents haha.

Thank You...
Agnes and Seet Ee for the surprises. I was really surprised when I saw the first present, haha, and it was exciting yet scary when I was digging for the next 3 presents. But I like the thrill haha. And thanks Seet for wrapping the other present with loads of "wrapping papers". Haha. I am so touched by the messages. Love ya girls!
Denise, Qunbao, Andy and Benjamin for the expensive gift. Haha I know it costs a bomb. Thanks a million!! Thanks Denise for helping me choose the fragrance. Haha you are an expert in this, who else could I ask. Love ya all!

Alrigh...that's all. Thanks to everyone who sent me an sms as well. I will post the photos about yesterday's celebration soon. So watch out for it haha.


6:55 PM