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Okie...I admit that I am getting lazier. Getting lazier to blog, to study, to do the presents (hey girls, I will try to give it to u all asap....don't give me mine next year can?)

Anyway...here's how I spent my last week.

Mon and tues, I went for intensive tuition with my student bcoz it was her exam period.
Wed, me and Denise met up with Seet and Ben after sch in Orchard. We had our dinner in a Hong Kong style cafe in Cineleisure. Seet bought a sporty Nike jacket as well. She managed to haggle the price with the boss. Pro right? After dinner, we watched Dead Silence, which made m and Seet hide our faces behind our jacket. Actually, its not that scary lah.

Thurs, I rotted at home and had tuition as well.

Fri, me and Denise went down to Orchard again for some shopping. We went to our fave hangout, Iciban for dinner. Oh ya, we saw Desmond Koh in our campus as well. The only impression that I had was he spoke quite loudly.
Me at Wisma Iciban. Compare this with...

THIS...haha think this was taken last year? Its taken at the same place. Seet Ee and Agnes...don't say I put on weight hor. Haha.

Sat, I went for cca. It was the first visit to the ome by all the newcomers. I didn't manage to interact with them bcos I was busy in the kitchen doing tuna sandwiches.

Evidence! Haha...Ailing, Jia Xin and I hard at work.

After cca, me and Denise headed down to City Hall and met up with Qb and Ben. We had our dinner at the same Hong Kong Cafe but different branch. After dinner, we went to the Comex fair in Suntec and I looked around for camera deals. The camera model that I have my eyes on is $50 cheaper than last IT fair. But I still need to think haha. After that, we went to Andersen's Ice Cream for ice cream fondue. Then, we me and Ben met up with Agnes to go home tog while Denise and Qb went for their pubbing.

Sun, I attended a mass service with Agnes at Toa Payoh. It was an eye-opener. After that, we went to Iciban for lunch. Ya...Iciban again. Haha its our fave hangout mah.


In a week, I had Hong Kong cafe food twice and also Iciban twice. Haha of course I put on weight lah...haha excuses. More good food coming up next few days haha.


2:20 AM