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Wow...I just had a roller coster ride at home...in front of my comp. I was laughing like mad just now...laughed so hard that I felt tired. Everything just adds up. So many things happening one after another that I cant stop laughing.

By the way, I am thinking of revamping my blog. But its a super tedious process...esp for me. So..hang on!

Today Denise came to the home with me. She's going to join! Yeah! Finally managed to pull her in. We made popiah and chrysanthemum tea. Haha my first roll of popiah just cannot make it. It broke before it was cut lah. So paiseh. My boss said an elder asked about that popiah and said "wah...better not eat". Cannot admit its mine haha. Saw a few familiar faces there today. Quite surprising but hope I can see them there next week as well.

Oh ya...Priscilla managed to capture a clear pic of the fireworks that night. Maybe upload next time. Tired.


12:55 AM