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Yoz...I'm back. I was back last night from Bintan. It was a fun trip. We had lotsa laughter. I will blog about it at a later date, after Denise send me the photos.

Later will be going for Agnes's birthday celebration. We are going to her house for dinner first before heading down to MOS for clubbing. Can't wait to see how's MOS like haha. Think we will have a fun time at Agnes's house also haha.

Haiz...suffering from a bad sore throat now. I had a itchy throat for the past one week and this morning when I woke up, it became worse.

Countdown to school...2 more days. I'm not the least excited for school. I think this coming sem will be quite demanding. One of my prof has already assigned readings for us and some have already started getting ready for school. Oh ya, I got Forensic Sci for my GE. Hope I can get Chinese lyrics as well. Haha then these 2 modules will be the most fun modules this sem.

Can't wait for tonight!


4:20 PM