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Happy 20th Birthday Agnes!!!!!!!!

On Friday, we went to her house and MOS to celebrate Agnes's birthday. For the photos, pls go to Agnes's blog. Lazy to upload them here. It was quite fun but tiring as well haha. We were at MOS for a whole 6 hours! We left only when the club closed. I would say MOS has alot of rooms but I still prefer Powerhouse. The music there is better and not so crowded. We could hardly squeeze into MOS's main cage room. However, MOS has very big and nice toilets. Hm...next to explore...ZOUK.

Okie...I have an idea in mind for my bday's celebration. We shall go to the beach! We can have BBQ there and pitch tents as well. I guess we will have lotsa fun and take lotsa photos. Hm...maybe can catch sunrise as well.


12:02 PM