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Yoz!...I'm here with the photos that we took for our Bintan trip. Denise has sent me 123 photos! Can you believe it? We took so many photos in 2 days time. Haha Denise said she deleted some already lor...pro right. Haha.

In 2 days time, we did buggy driving, archery, darts shooting, beach volleyball, picking of clams and hermit crabs, karaoke singing, clubbing (for 5 mins?), cooking of dinner, scrabble, monopoly, chao dai dee, snooker...and photo-taking. Think I didn't miss out anything ba. I would say buggy driving and archery are the best. Haha we just love the buggy so much that we even drive it around in pitch darkness.

Here are the photos...

Scenic view of the resort swimming pool with the South China Sea as background.

Isn't this villa big? It has its own swimming pool somemore. We managed to sneak into this villa to have our photos taken.

Alright...this is our villa and our buggy in the background. Haha quite small compared to the one above but its still very cool. It has 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, dining area and a living room. Its fully air-conditioned.

Me and Denise at the beach. Its cool adn peaceful, and you can hear the sea waves hitting the beach. It's especially tranquil at night.

Nice back views? Haha taken by Denise. Its quite artistic right haha.

Alright...me driving our beloved buggy. Haha qb...stop giving that face. Its not scary at all lor when I drive haha. We enjoyed driving the buggy so much that we would always request to drive it.

Oh man...qb! It's time to lose weight! You are so heavy! Haha

Me playing snooker. Haha I remember Denise at one point of time sitting on top of the table to hit the ball haha so funny.

We in a club. Haha it was quite embarrassing. We went in for like 5 mins to take our photos, have a look at the environment and we were out. It's just not our type of club. There was an ang moh girl dancing in front of ard 20 guys. Ya...that explains everything.

Haha look at Eugene's expression. Qb and Denise are trying to make him their target.

Behind us was the golf course. The golf course was super big and nice. Hm...shall try golf next time.

Yeah! Bintan Lagoon! Haha...the words behind were supposed to spell the full name of the resort...in the end only "Lag" was caught on camera.

Yippy! Me and my target board. Haha ya very few arrows on board...the rest hit green saw it?

QB! Wana me to shoot you? Better listen to wad I say! Haha.

Our victory pose! Don't play play.


7:30 PM