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Yeah! Tmr we are going to Bintan! Haha in less than 12 hours time, we will be in Bintan. Excited for the trip.

Anyway, on Sunday my cca organised a bazaar for the elders at the home. It was a huge success. Many elders enjoyed themselves. It was the first time they are having a bazaar at the home. So...at first it was quite chaotic, with many elders eager to get their coupons and start the ball rolling. But in the end it was better. There were several stalls located at the different levels of the home and there were games and food stalls. I was stationed at one of the food stalls and I must say, the elders loveeee otah. Haha it was selling very fast at first and we had to limit each elder to 2 otahs. But in the end, because of our quantity control, there were some otahs left. Haha we volunteers finished up the otahs and some food after that.

The committee organised a lucky draw fo the elders as well. The top prize was a rice-cooker, 2nd and 3rd prizes were hampers of bird nest, ginseng and chicken essence. 4th prize was a oven toaster. They had 26 prizes in all. Haha during the draw, we volunteers were quite excited to know who won the prizes.
We were like "Hey...its that auntie leh." "Who got it?" "Aiyo that make-string auntie never win any"

The top prize went to an auntie who was so happy. At the end of the event, some elders held our hands and said thank you. I was quite touched by their gesture. We did not do much but they were very grateful. It feels great to see their faces light up with smiles.

After the whole event ended, a group of us headed to a cafe outside AMK hub for some drinks and we chatted for about 3 hours. Hm...looking forward to more such events haha. I will post the photos once its up.


12:00 AM