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Dengue fever!

Everyday I have been reading the articles on dengue. The numbers have been alarming. For this 6 months, there have already been 3500 cases and counting. That is...19 cases a day!

It's not really deadly, so far 3 died. But! It's super horrendous. Patients have to go through 14 days of suffering before they can recover. Some patients lamented that the pain is so bad that they thought they were dying. They even called it break-bone fever, because the pain was like ur bones are breaking. Can you imagine?

If serious, patients can deliver serious internal bleeding, which can be fatal. I saw a picture whereby a patient's eyes was red instead of white. It's really scary. Some patients may go into dengue shock syndrome whereby they can have heart attackes and so on.

So people, don't take this lightly. You wouldn't want to be vomitting and taking blood test EVERYDAY. Try to clear all mosquitoes breeding spots and best option, light up mosquito coils.

Okie...think I sound like the NEA(National Envt Agency) people.

Anyway, there is a new K-box at AMK! It's really nice and cool. You can adjust the air-cond in your room! There is this light that can change colour all the time, giving the room a very nice ambience. Best thing, it has no cigerette smell at all! Go try it ppl!

Haha...think I sound like a promoter now.

But...AMK seems to have alot of new amenities now. So...get the hint?


12:10 AM