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Okie...I have worked for a day and managed to call 8 ppl so far. Still one short of the quota given but my supervisor didn't say anything. Out of these 8 calls, only 3 were easy ones. The rest were quite tough, the problems ranged from duno what to key in and to getting frustrating feedbacks(euphemism). I can't imagine how many complaints am I going to get out of this whole assignment. Working is never easy I have realised. But I shall grit my teeth and hold on till as long as I could for the money. Haiz...hope everything will be better today.

Yesterday I was talking to my cousin's daughter and I realised that our generation is really different. At pri 6, she has friends who have boyfriends already. And it seems quite prevalent. Out of a class of 18, 6 have boyfriends! Can you imagine? They are just pri 6 girls. Somemore, their boyfriends are aged 15 to 18. Wonder what these guys and girls are thinking. They are so different from our generation whereby not even one has boyfriend in my class. What can I say.


1:07 PM