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Wow its been really hectic. I have so many things not done. Ya, I know its holiday but I still have alot to finish. First, I have not finished Seet Ee's present. (hey...i got try my best hor...just that really not much time) Second, I am way behind the quota. Supposed to be 99 calls le but I am still stuck at 36! Third, I am supposed to catch my fave HK dramas.

Think I am really bad at planning my time.

Oh ya, later going clubbing with the group of 8. Wonder how will it be. Haha can't wait to eat the chocolate banana cake as well.

Hm...wondering should I go for tmr's cca. There's a dumpling event and we had planned so hard for it. But...suddenly my aunt's inviting us to her house. Haiz...if don't go she sure say alot one. And both happening at the same time sian.

Ah...I want a holiday!! can't wait to see the sand, sea and sun. And also lotsa of eating and shopping haha.


5:23 PM