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Haiz...duno shld I quit my job.

My supervisor has been chasing me everyday for more cases and she has set a target of 90 cases for me by mon. But till now I only have ard 65 cases. It may be quite possible, since this is the weekend. But...today I didn't manage to get much.

This morning I went to do house visits, hoping to get alot cases done. In the end, after 1 hour plus, I could not continue anymore. Same old ailment hit me again. I was interviewing one household when I broke out in cold sweat. After that, I decided to stop awhile and took a sit at the bus-stop. But I started feeling worse.
Luckily there was this Guanyang sec sch behind the bus stop. I wanted to borrow their toilet. But just after walking into their sch compound, I blanked out and had to sit at the road kerb. Luckily the security guard saw me and helped me. He gave me medicated oil and also helped me to flag a cab home. Luckily there is this sch there, if not I wonder what will happen. The place was so quiet and hardly a person can be seen walking around.

Haiz...duno tmr shld I try continue with the house visits.


8:23 PM