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Alright I'm here to blog on our BBQ with 219. Ya, its my turn now. There was not many ppl who turned up for the BBQ bcos it was on a weekday...so the fun was also halved. But still managed to see some long-lost friends haha, esp Min Jie(MJ). It has ben ages since we last chatted. So, me, Denise, Xiao Hui and MJ had a good talk. The food was good as well. There were many stingrays, sotongs chicken wings and etc.

For the photos taken that day, I lazy to upload them lah. You can see them at Seet Ee or Denise blogs.

Yesterday, my cca dragged quite long. Haiz...could not make it to join Denise they all singing and also could not join Seet Ee they all for dinner. So...I went for dinner with Pei Kiat and Priscilla instead at AMK Hub. The food court has many good food there lor. Alot of them had some awards. After that, we shopped around and also went to NTUC to look for products to ask for sponsorship. Haha by then we were very tired...and we went hay-wired. Haha me and Pei Kiat could not stop laughing while we were in Ntuc. Haha duno what we were laughing about also...just could not stop. PPl must be tnking "siao gi na".

Alright...tmr I will start work. Can't wait to experience life with a lap-top! Haha...the thing that excites me is the lap-top.


7:53 PM