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I'm so happy today!!

First, I declared myself a rest day today. Haha take a breather from all the callings. Second, went to Bugis with Pei Kiat and Priscilla. Third and happiest of all, my bag has arrived! It has been such a super long wait. Think we have waited for 1 month already. Just now I went to collect the bags from the person and I was so glad when she told me that there are 5 bags, one of them is mine. Initially, she only said 4 bags have arrived and mine was not there on her website. Anyway, it's here! Yeah...no need to search for bags anymore. And next sem I have another bag to choose. So happy.

Oh ya, just now in Bugis, I found that many jeans are back. My fave XT2 is here also and there are many shops selling New Future and XT2. They are cheap! (Provided that u do ur legwork and compare prices).

Can't wait for weekend. I shall chiong all the way and exceed my quota haha. Also can't wait to chill out with the group of 8 (haven come up with name yet rite) and watch shrek.


12:07 AM