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The past weekend was quite relaxing. I went for tuition, cca, Seet's house and also went out with my family. Haiz...I really wonder whether am I suitable to be a tutor. My students (the twins) did not do well. Their scores were around 50 to 60 only. Previously, they failed their Eng but now they passed. But their maths deteriorated. And their mum does not seem to be happy with all their results. I really hate it when the students don't get good results. I don't know where's the problem. Haiz...hope the pri 5 girl does well, but I doubt so.

Okie...here are the pics from my Kukup trip. Ya...it's 2weeks overdue...paiseh. But its because my senior too busy pa-tou-ing to upload the pictures haha.

This is our group photo. It was taken just before we head back to Sg.

The guys were doing forfeit. Haha...luckily we girls won if not I wonder what forfeit will the guys think of.

Girls power! Haha it's true! We had eaten 6 plates of stingrays while the guys had less than that. The dinner was just too sumptious and it's buffet!

Nice scenery. I like the scenery there. Although the waters are not clear, the sky is not very blue but I like the simplicity and tranquility of the place.

Biggest mangrove swamp! Can't remember biggest in the world or in Asia. But we didn't went there for a walk. Actually one of the highlights of Kukup is this.

Saw the background? It's a dilapidated house that the locals live in. Their toilets are really direct to the sea! Haha...that time when we first visited the toilets, we were quite amazed by it. Haha we even went telling others to go and see. Haha...our waste ends up in our body again...what a cycle.

the group of us trying to do funny faces. But guess the picture is too dark to see clearly.

Me and Pei Kiat's back view. Haha we were trying to show how much we wish to embrace the sky.

Haha...look at Pei Kiat! Haha she's trying to act cute...and she succeeded. The forever funny and cute Pei Kiat.

This is part of the kelong. We saw many kinds of marine animals there, haha basically fishes lah.

My friend just recommended me for a job in MOM. We going down tmr for interview. Hope we get it. Hey Seet, Agnes and Ching, if there are still vacancies I will let u all know.

Oh ya...thanks Qb and Andy for the gifts. I will remember to bring mine for the rest of you all soon.


3:50 PM