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My job stint as an exhibition asst at Sg expo is over. It was just 2 days lah. It’s a super slack job – just distribute newspaper and man the booth. So qiao, the other temp staff there is also from NTU, but different course. It was so boring that we crapped throughout the whole 2 days. Ha...we concluded that if there’s a war, Sg will have hope in winning coz our navy ppl look so much smarter and fitter than most of the ppl from other navy. Haha ya...we just talked crap all the time there.

This morning, went to Toa Payoh for an interview with Aggy and while waiting to meet Seet, we walked around and I bought a couple of tees from song & song. After meeting Seet, both of us went to Aljunied for another interview while Aggy went off for her cca. Then, Seet, Seet’s sis and I went to douby gaut and we had pepper lunch! I finally get to try after that drooling session at Suntec haha. It’s quite nice, I like the beef. Then, we walked around and went to Spotlight. Haha...I took some pics of them there.

Opps! U saw seet's sis body! Stop looking! Can't u see she's shy, trying to use the yellow furry thing to hide her body haha.

Ya...she wants to take part in Sg manhunt 2007. Her flying pose not bad right can see her muscles.

Alright...she's trying to flaunt her triceps. Must vote for her hor.

Seet's trying to be a blonde-turned-punk girl. She's not to be mess around with de.

After having enough fun, off we went for our movie, 28 weeks later. It’s quite gross and scary. The 3 of us were watching parts of the movie through the gaps of our fingers haha. Denise! Go watch it...ha...its ur type of movie haha. But overall still okie oni lah, maybe 3 stars ba.


7:47 PM