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I have survived through 2 days of training for my job and still have one more day of training to go before I can start work. Once I start work, think I will be very busy. Hope I can pull through the whole assignment.

Yesterday, I went to World Book Fair with Priscilla and my niece. It was very quiet and a lot of the booths were eager to hand us their flyers. We didn’t buy much because most of the books are from China and Taiwan. They don’t really appeal to us lah. I just bought 3 assessment books for my niece and also a computer game called lemonade tycoon. Oh ya, I saw Wei Ching there as well. She’s working there for a magazine booth.

Today I came across an article in the papers about a retiree complaining that his daughter does not have a place in the 3 universities. Her daughter scored A B E as well. She applied for FASS, HSS and don’t know what in SMU. All rejected her. He was complaining that the universities should open up more places for the Dragon babies. The 3 universities replied that they did increase the number of places. But they said that the quality of students has been increasing.

I really think that I am super lucky to get in with my grades. Imagine if I was born just 4 months later? I wouldn’t even be able to smell the universities, not to say enter it. Perhaps my prayers have been answered. I remembered that time was really nerve-wrecking. My dad even went to a temple to pray before I went for my interview. Really thank all the super-natural. Sometimes everything is just luck.

Sometimes maybe being a single is a good thing afterall.


9:01 PM