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Yesterday morning, Agnes, Seet, Jing Yi and Enlin (both from NUS), Wei Ching, her friend and I went for a job interview at an agency. Hope we can get a job soon.

After that, Seet, Seet's sis, Jing Yi and I proceeded to Raffles City for some donuts. Its was highly recommended by Seet and her sis. We thought the shop would only open at 12.30, so we happily went there at 12. But guess what, we were already in the third segment of the queue. Apparently, the queue was so long that it had to be broken into 3 segments for passer-bys to walk. While queueing, we talked with 2 aunties in front of us. And there was a group of brats who cut queue.

Haha. And the drama unfolds. Brave Seet's sis went to confront them. That was the highlight of the day. Haha. I applaud her.

After queuing fo 2.5 hours (ya...you din see wrongly, its really that long), we finally bought our donuts. Haha. As I did not want to waste my 2.5 hours queueing for nothing, I bought a dozen of donuts. There was a wide variety I must say. they have 15 varieties of donuts! And some are really exclusive. Don't think can find them other places.

Looks yummy right. These are the donuts I bought. Got double choc, wasabi with cheese, tartar cheese, strawberry with choc, hazelnut, apple cinnamon, lotus mocha, bluberry, orange white chocolate.

I have eaten the wasabi cheese, double choc, hazelnut, strawberry, apple cinnamon and tartar cheese. My fave is apple cinnamon and wasabi cheese. I think recently I am starting to accept wasabi. The apple cinnamon had crunchy apple dices on top!

After trying the donuts, my mum said that its not bad but not very nice. She even say downstairs' donuts nicer. I almost fainted.Haiz...that's what she can say for my 2.5 hours of queuing lor. Haiz...no nicer words. Haha. But frankly speaking, I think when I eat those donuts, my mind was partially on the hours spent queuing, so maybe I got abit biased. Have to say its nice mah, if not my efforts in queuing wasted leh. Haha.

Yeah...I am buying 2 bags through internet. It's cheap! My heartfelt gratitude to dearest Da Chu...haha. Hope no glitches.


12:17 PM