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First of all, those who are reading my blog now, remember to wish ur mother "Happy Mothers' Day". They really took great pains to raise us. Can't imagine how it will be like without these amazing mothers.

Okie...enough of this.

Hm...these few days have been busy looking for jobs, hanging out with friends and also tuition. On Friday, I met up with Agnes, Seet and En Lin for some shopping. I bought a diamond pendant for my mum. It costs $200 plus. Ya its was quite heartaching to spend so much. But this is the first time I bought my mum a diamond pendant so I think its worth it lah, especially after seeing her so happy just now. Haha...although its only 0.5 carat, its already $200, and its after discount! Normal price $400 plus! Think those wedding rings may cost a few thousand dollars. Pity the guys haha.

Yesterday, Seet, Agnes, Denise, Qb and I went for K-boxing. Yes, its also been ages since I last went. Haiz...can see that exams really changed my lifestyle.

After that, I went back home for my family's Mothers' Day celebration. We ordered buffet and the food is so-so only, but I would say the service is good. The deliveryman had spilled food on the way and they offered to send us replacements for the food and we had extra fried rice as well. Haha. Yesterday only one baby came. Haiz...miss the cute little boy.

During the gathering, many people asked about my father (because he went to Hong Kong for a 4 days trip). And I sort of throw his face. Haha die...if he knows he will surely throw my face in return - an eye for an eye...Haha. I told everybody who asked about my Dad that he was super excited about taking business class, so excited that he practically called early in the morning and exclaimed through the phone that he is taking business class and that it was his first time. Haiz...like a miracle has happened. After that, he called again when he was in Disneyland and again was super excited. "Girl! I took alot photos leh...how? battery dying already...hey...i see a bear leh...duno call what winnie one...winnie pooh is it...I took pictures with Cinderella leh" Haiz...I was already super envious that he could go HongKong and yet he still sprinkled salt on my wounds. Haha...my cousin commented that maybe its snow white and not cinderella, coz he dun even know what winnie the pooh is lah. hm...tomorrow he is coming back...I shall check his photos see whether he got name the characters correctly anot.


8:22 PM