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Woohoo!!!My exams are finally over. Today had my last paper. Not well done lah but I still feel very happy because...it's over! Had mugged like shit for the past one month. Finally can enjoy le.

Haha...after our exams, Esther, Wei Ching, Denise, SK and I went to Ching's hall first. It's beyond my expectations lor. It's quite big and nice. I thought it is those small and stuffy kind of rooms, but I was so wrong. They even had toilets in their rooms, so don't have to go to those shared toilets. I always fantasies that those shared toilets at the end of the corridor will have some "unclean stuff" hiding in one of the cubicles, waiting to sing to scare people or will hear thoe sound of running water. Haha I was quite tempted to stay in hall lah after this visit. But Ching was saying that it's quite expensive. Every month have to pay $150 for rental, somemore 3 meals a day very taxing lah.

After that, we typically rushed down to Orchard. Haha ya, we were super desperate...and hungry. We ate at Far East Plaza and walked around. Me and Ching bought eye creams each. Hope it's effective. Ching bought a notebook as well. It's so cool! It had the words "Once upon a time" on the front cover written in those cursive fonts and there's a nice ribbon tied to the front cover also. It's quite expensive lah, but really super duper nice lor. Esther had to leave early for tuition so she missed that. We saw plenty of those very cool necklances as well. It's really exotic, with the pendant as a bicycle and so on. But its super expensive lor. Costs about 30 plus leh, it's only one necklance lor. Siao.


11:00 PM