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Just now I went to have a look at those photos taken in the aftermath of the Virgina Uni massacre at http://www.time.com/time/photoessays/2007/vt_portfolios/. The students were mourning and many were seeking comfort in each other. It's really a shock that such thing can happen.
What if we were there? I think I will surely freak out and may not even react. It's really a blessing that Singapore does not allow the possesion of guns. I can't imgaine such things happening in our own campus.
So many lives were claimed and so many hearts were broken. It seems like another terrorist attack had happened. Many people are in state of shock. I think the scariest thing is that it all happened out of the blue and they could not escape. One student was saying that after every shot, he was thinking "ok, the next is me". The terror is unimaginable. It's really sad that there are so people living in a small and angry world of their own.
If only he had continued with his counseling sessions and if only he had received more love from the people around him. Maybe there are some incidents that had left a deep scar on him. But if his family and friends had showed more love and care for him, maybe this tragedy can be averted.
Now, they are worrying that copycats may follow his actions.
Hope not.


3:32 PM