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Yesterday afternoon me and Denise decided to catch a movie. It has been quite some time since we last watched a movie. And we watched Mr Bean's Holiday! Its super funny. From the moment Mr Bean came on screen, I hardly have time for a breather. I can't help but keep laughing. Actually that movie is quite silly, it doesn't have a plot. Haha at times its so silly that Denise said to me "I feel like bashing him" (in Chinese). But I think its the silliness that makes me laugh alot. I just love his acting.

Today, me and Agnes went to Bugis. It has been quite a long time since we last went there together. I literally had a shopping spree. We were there for about a few hours only and I bought alot of things. I bought 5 tops, 3 earrings and a pair of shoes. Alot right. Can't help it. It has been so long since my last shopping trip. After weeks of studying, if I still don't shop, think I will turn into geek soon. Haha. But everything was bought for ard $60 bucks. Li hai ba. Haha. Agnes also bought 2 belts for $10. Think we really pro at hunting for cheap stuffs.

Hope everything will turn out good for me and all my friends. Hey girls, remember pi ji tai lai!


12:19 AM