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Just had a short but fruitful shopping spree at Bugis. It had been a long time since I bought so many clothes. Bought 5 tops altogether. While seeing Illya choosing the floral prints clothes, really envy her able to carry off those tops so well. They really suited her alot.

Oh ya, yesterday Denise saw one guy quite gd-looking. She very funny lor. Coz we were in the train and she saw him, later after she alighted, she called me and tell me to look at that guy. Hm...he's really gd-looking. I saw him holding MAE notes, which means he's in NTU. Haha. Today Denise still cant get him off her mind. Hahaha. Today we were in north spine, hope to see him but didn't. I think I forget his looks le. Suddenly, it seems like NTU got gd-looking ones, just that they hide in north spine. Haiz, we hardly go there. Maybe we should go there for meals, the food there nicer also. But those we see who are quite gd-looking are normally year 3 or year 4 le, I tnk. Which means they are so much older. Aiyo. Even that refined guy working le. Haiz.

Anyway, tmr going watch World Trade Centre with Denise. Hope its a nice movie. Waiting for Deathnote also. The plot seems nice and interesting. Thinking of going Vivocity next Sat to catch Deathnote. Anybody wans?


10:18 PM