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Oh no...recently I have found a new hobby-Mahjong. Haha...recently i really improved alot on my mahjong skills and I enjoy playing it. That day my uncle came over and we started playing mahjong. My father had quite a long time telling me the rules as we play but till now, I don't really get all the rules but at least much better than the past. I thought my parents would object to me playing mahjong but that was not the case. Haha I even won 2 bucks. Not bad right.

Oh ya...congrats to NUS. they came in 19 for the ranking of universities. Haiz NTU deteriorated to 61. Disappointed. Wah now the gap between NUS and NTU is so great le I think more people will choose to go NUS. A weird thing is they never mention SMU. I wonder is it so behind that they don't mention.

Anyway, just now I had my last tuition for my Pri 6 student. Mon will be her last paper. Don't know why felt abit sad and lost after the tuition. Hope she will do well. Last Thurs, we watched a video during lect and I was quite troubled by that. Its about child labour. While watching, I could feel my goose pimples rising and its really very sad that I had the urge to weep at some parts. The children were either cheated to work or forced to. They worked long hours daily under cramped areas but they don't get to see their pay even after many years later. They are also often beaten and every mistake they make, the boss will increase their debt. One boy even killed his boss to run away but was caught and jailed.
I think that studying Soci really makes me look at things differently and know more about the world. Today, while my Da sent his car for washing, the scene reminds me of MacDonaldization. Haha...think I really going bonkers.


7:28 PM