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Yesterday was the first time I took part in WSC important events. I missed the orientation and canvassing events. At first I was quite hesitant about joing them for this celebration as I was quite lazy to go and I do not really know the people there.. But in the end it turned out fun.
Every group had to come up with a performance and our group decided to sing. We met at 3.30 to rehearse for a Hokkien song, ai piang ka eh yah, then we went to prepare for the celebrations. My group was quite disappointing, only 5 out of 11 turned up. Our attendance was the worse among the groups. Other groups had around 8 to 10 people. Many seniors came for the celebrations too, I think there were about 20 of them, some I didn't even see them before but they were friendly. The celebration was to start at 6 but around 5.30, the elders automatically made their way downstairs, without us inviting them. Haha I think they are really excited. We served them food and drinks, haha thats when Macdonaldization comes in again. Haha. Anyway, after that it was the performance. Pei Kiat's group did wushu and I keep giggling at her. I think she can consider joining wushu haha. After that, it was the karaoke session. Every elder who came out to sing have to find one volunteer to sing with them. The elders really like singing alot. They sort of queued up to sing somemore. Volunteers of course don't want to sing lah, thats when sabotaging comes in. The seniors keep sabotaging one another, even the emcee sabotaged our president. It was really funny. Remember the refined looking guy I mentioned before? He was standing in front of me and he turned and ask me go and sing. I was like, eh I don't know that song. Got one uncle who taught us magic tricks last week, he laughed very loudly and scary when one auntie was singing. After that, all volunteers sang ming tien hui gen hao and xi shui chang lui but we did not have the lyrics so during the chorus it was super loud and the rest of the song was mumbles. They even had the handover ceremony there. It was quite cliched. The prev pres handed a golden basin to our new pres, something like jin pen xi shou. It was really fun, could see the elders all enjoying themselves and we volunteers also had a great time. Ah...next week is the last session before we break for our exams...haiz...think I will miss those uncles aunties.


5:21 PM