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Yeah...today is the start of recess. Happy and sad at the same time.
On Saturday, we went to Cathay for a movie, Devil wears Prada. Ya, its an old show but we could not decide on what show to watch and the number of new shows quite limited also. But its a nice movie, quite funny at times and the clothes are really nice. It has been such a long time since we went out together. We had our dinner at Cafe Cartel and we were there for a long time chatting as well as to wait for the movie to start. Wow, didn't know that first class honours is really so hard to get and the salary for Arts Honours grad is quite low also. Hm...need to work really hard le. In the MRT, we spoke to an auntie whose daughter grad frm NTU engineering and working in Japan now. She said that during the grad ceremony and during final exams, there will be companies coming to the campus and offer jobs. Her daughter got the job during the grad ceremony period. If I didn't remember wrongly, her pay was $2K-$3K. Aiyo, I think my pay next time better be around that range or higher if not really feel wasted after so many years of studying and the high costs my parents have to pay. No wonder so many grads are complaining.
Yesterday, I was supposed to go canvassing for WSC but had a fever. Wonder how it turned out. Hm...later ask Pancake how is it. I think its a good experience. Have to wait for next year le.


3:41 PM