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Finally I'm done with the tests this week. Yesterday was the first time we did a Soci test and I was quite nervous about it cos didn't know what kind of questions are tested in Soci. I would say that the questions tested need abit of thinking and analysing, not just regurgitating everything out. Today had MCQ test also and I just passed. Got 60% only. I think that will be a C? Need to work hard le.
Anyway, just now after the test, me and Denise decided to go to K-box for releasing the stress. Haha. Wow! Denise really improved alot! She's singing with more power now and can really control her voice quite well (except for the first few songs when her voice haven warmed up..haha). Her music class really paid off. Aiyo, my singing really sucks just now, especially when compared to Denise. Haha...went out of tune several times and always cant have the melody in my mind, need to hear the singer singing or Denise at the side singing, then I can sing properly. Luckily no outsider, if not very paiseh.
Oh ya, just now got one friend her eyes were swollen and she keep tearing, because of wearing contact lenses to sleep yesterday. Scary. I didn't know that wearing contact lenses to sleep is so scary. Must remind myself not to sleep with contact lenses on.


10:32 PM