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Wow today is my first time stepping into bugis village after around 2 months. Miss the place so much, especially the shopping there. But actually not many shops changed, just the things that they sell are abit different now because of the navy fashion, but can still find the shops that we used to go. Its so disappointing. Quite a number of shops closed quite early. Agnes and I didn't manage to buy tees from the shop that we bought from the last time. Sad. Other day must go in the afternoon. But I still managed to buy one top although we were there for a short while only. That top was rather ex but I don't have that kind so I just ren xin mai xia lai.
We went to Sim Lim square also to buy cartridges and router. But in the end, we went off empty-handed. There are not many imitations for HP cartridges. Disappointed.


10:59 PM