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Today is my first time going into an aged home. The home has a very good concept of a "home" in a HDB flat. The 2nd to 4th floor of a HDB flat was converted into a home with many individual rooms for the elderly to live in. This way, they can have their privacy.
Although me and Pei Kiat joined together, we were separated into different groups. So sad. We saw Ai Ling, Denise's friend and another YJcian who I cant remember her name. She is Pei kiat friend. But eventually all in different groups so qiao right. I was left alone in my group which has alot of chi-na and Viet.
I think that its a good experience. The elderly were very friendly and even invited us into their rooms (which is actually a one-room flat). When you walk along the corridor and see them, they will say hi to you. Although its the first time I am there, I did not feel like a stranger there. I think I feel better there than my first time in NTU. Haha duno why oso.
There are quite few seniors compared to our cohort. There are abt 20 seniors but there were around 50 of us. But heard that the turn round rate is high. I saw one senior who looks like my cousin's cousin. Haha but I dun think its him. They have that very "refined" look. Haha. A number of seniors had already graduated or are in their fourth year le. Wah quite old le.


11:52 PM