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Just now I was quite shocked to watch a documentary programme on TV whereby some cats were being killed. The way the cats were being murdered is really horrible. They smashed and kicked the cats repeatedly.
Moreover, it is not an individual case. Dozens of cats were being killed by different people in separate incidents. They showd the photographs of the dead cats and its really scary. I wonder how could these people be so cruel. Even if they don't like cats, just ignore them lah, don't have to kill them.
Its not that I am a cat-lover, or rather I don't really fancy cats as well but all I would do is keep a distance from them. I think these people are really psycho. If they want to vent their anger, they can do it to objects and not living things mah. Crazy.
I remembered in the past, when I was taken care by my grandmother, I used to see many stray cats at that area and a couple of them were being abused. They had tails that wre burnt or very short tail, which I presume to be cut off. Its really scary how people will do such stuff.
Haiz. Crazy people.
Argh...what are the characteristics of Sg culture. I can't think of any leh, how to write journal. Haiz, just had an argument with my Mum somemore, sometimes really cannot understand what she is doing.


11:48 PM