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Yesterday, me, Denise and MJ went back to YJ for teachers' day celebrations. We managed to find all the 4 teachers (Li hua, Ms Ong, Ms Marie Lim and Mdm Ho) and gave them a fake flower and ferrero rochers each. So long never step into YJ already and it was good to be back "home". Although there are quite a number of new teachers, I still feel that YJ didn't change much. It feels really heart-warming when talking to the teachers, esp ms ong and ms lim. We told them how we miss YJ and how different the life in uni is. Saw a lot of teachers too and most of them keep asking us whether we going for gala dinner. It gets abit irritating when every, well most, teachers you see start asking you that. Heard from Li Hua that every tecaher needs to get one table thats why they so stressed about it. The more senior teachers like Ong Cher Tat need 2 tables lor. Wonder how many tables ms ong need to sell.
We went to canteen and MJ was hoping to see her fave chicken-rice uncle. But too bad he never open. We went to our fave hangout - the bookshop and the aunties still rmb us. They said that now the principal dun allow them to sell too many chocolats and tidbits. Crazy rite. But they still hide them in cupboard to sell. Haha. Even teachers oso come sneakily to buy lor. We even complained to the aunties that in NTU very ma fan, need to print own notes and in YJ so good, they print for us and we pay can liao. Heard that now YJ alot of crazy people. The principal even expelled one J1 boy who peeped at guys in toilet lor. These people must be study till crazy. Quite ke lian. One aunty say she scared her daughter, who is studying for A'levels now, will oso go crazy studying. Stress period for them. Poor thing. Luckily I survived that already.


3:12 PM