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Argh...so much work...i'm doing my assignments now but got a mental block so decided to pop in here for a while.
I have my hands on Jay's album already! All thanks to Seet and Agnes. Muack...thx alot. They bought me Jay's album, mascara and eye make-up remover as my bdae pressie. Haha juz nice Jay juz came out with this new album so they no need to tnk hard what to buy haha. But I haven got a chance to listen to the album. I want to man man xiang shou it.
Last night we went for YJ gala dinner and honestly speaking, the food dun really worth the 80 bucks. But the whole atmosphere, meeting with friends and teachers and getting to know more about YJ make it worthwhile lah. Agnes and Seet were so funny during the dinner. Esp Agnes who did some quite embarrasing stuffs several times. haha. As usual, Oral B started boasting about his drinking capacity and I was surprised that Hack It frequents clubs. Everything ended at around 10 plus and we were tired.

Ok...back to work now.


8:59 PM