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Although today is my birthday, I don't feel very excited or delighted about it. I think as we grow older, birthdays become more and more boring and meaningless. Perhaphs its because there is no one special to share it with. Or maybe there is nothing exciting about growing old now. In the past, maybe its because I look forward to the celebrations and hoping to grow up faster so that Mummy won't control me that much. But I think now, I don't really wish to grow up that fast. How I wish I am just a child now. Irony.
On my way home just now, I was thinking that time really pass so fast. I have lived for 19 years already. It seems like just yesterday went I was still in pri sch. 19 is a big number I think. After 19 years, sad to say, I still duno what is my goal in life. I really duno wad my future will be like also. I think all these 19 years, all that I have achieved is creating headaches and hurting others around me. I cant think of anything that I am proud of, really. How I wish I can turn back time and I will not do the things that I have done.


10:31 PM