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Happy belated birthday to our dearest Singapore!!!!!!!!
Haha its seems like I am always wishing belated birthdays in my blog. Anyway, yesterday not much happened except for the NDP. I missed the first hour of the show due to tuition. Argh! Wasted. I seldom or rather never missed any NDP show before. Patriotic right? Haha. And yesterday while I was rushing home to watch the NDP, I passed by many people who are out there shopping and doing norm stuffs. When I saw them, I realised that actually not many people were excited to watch the NDP. I was quite disturbed by that. I mean, hey, its NDP you know, you can only watch it once a year and it's the only time that you can relight the passion in you for Singapore. I remembered the day before, our lecturer asked who never bother to watch NDP and quite a number shot their hands up. Quite sad right. I think those people should really attend one NDP and feel for themselves the atmosphere and passion among the crowds. Anyway, yesterday while watching them putting on slides telling people that the stadium was going to be pulled down, I had a sad feeling inside me. Although I seldom spend times inside the stadium, but the times I had spent there are really memorable. The most memorable part shall be taking part in the NDP 2001, as part of the choir. When I saw the participants yesterday and thought of my past, I believe that those participants have really enjoyed themselves.
Oh ya, someone even proposed after the NDP yesterday, right inside the stadium. So sweet right.


10:35 AM