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Yeah today I have no school as it's Union day and my class is cancelled. Woohoo...a long weekend ahead. But I not really looking forward to it also. Have so much reading to do and everyone seems so busy recently.
Oh ya, that day on tuesday, I went for the WSC( welfare service club) interview. Before that, me, Denise and Pei Kiat went to Canteen A, the engineering canteen, for our dinner. The food there is so much better than my canteen, Canteen B. There are alot of people but I didn't see any yan dao. Haiz.
At first I thought maybe they are just going to talk to us and it will be something like a tea party but in the end, it's really interview. I went with Pei Kiat and we were so lost and scared. Haha don't know why we felt so scared also. Maybe it's because we don't like interviews and we do not have much experience also. Luckily, everything went smoothly (I hope). Haiz, I did not really see any yan dao also. I only saw one to two guys who were not bad-looking that's all.Or rather there were quite few guys there. After the interview, it was already about 7 plus and I think that NTU at night looks creepy. It's so quiet and dark, with all those "forests" nearby and the wind howling, it really feels eerie.
Hope that I can get into WSC.


5:07 PM