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Help!! I just went into my NTU email to check and I was surprised to see so many emails in there, some from prof informing abt lect and tut and also some about the buzz in NTU. Luckily I came in to check today coz tmr I do not have tutorial yippy! But there are so many handouts and worksheets to print aiyo very confusing. Still must buy textbooks don't they know that we are poor students! Hope it won't be too expensive. Haiz still need to go library do reading. Wow suddenly the reality that I am entering uni is sinking in. And I must say its really overwhelming lor. Hope I won't make any blur mistake in my first week of sch.

Anyway, Happy belated 19th birthday to the most cheerful and strong Agnes!!!
We went for our dinner at CA in Marina Sq and the food is really superb-in both size and taste. Initially, we wanted to celebrate for Agnes on fri night under the fireworks-lit up sky but was disappointed. The fireworks only start on sat but never mind, we still had a good time together. I really take my hats off for my dearest friends who can turn a night of disappointment into a night of fun. We amused ourselves just likewhat the Chinese idiom suggests- zhi de qi le. Wonder when we will meet again...hope to meet them soon.

That day was also the first day of sch for me at HSS and I had a fever that very night. Hope its not a bad omen haha. The number of ppl in my course was more than what me and Denise had expected. I think there are about 100 ba...and its really multi-racial. Hm...tmr I shall take a better look at my course mates. Not much impression.

Guess wad...today I was stuck in a toilet! All because of my cousin's stupid toilet door. Could not open the door although I tried very hard and the maid just outside didn't even hear my repetitive shouts for help until my dad came. He always think that I must have fainted in the toilet. But luckily he hav that thot, if not I wonder how long more I am going to be stuck in there. Oh ya, that day I came across a recommendation of dining places in Sg and the place's name is Bernie's blah blah blah...Unbelievable right! I remember the name Bernie was concocted by Seet and Steph coz Seet's mum called me Bernessa. Haha so its not only me with this name haha...

P.S Agnes remember to collect your part 1 birthday pressie from me hor. It's really nice look forward hor.


5:29 PM