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Yeah!!!!My blog is finally born...haha...actually i had created it a few days ago but was searching for a skin and trying to add things to make it look like a blog. But as a comp idiot, i had to wait for a few days before my saviour( or rather purple's saviour) arrived. She is no other than...Denise! Sounds passe i know...anyway...my blog is BORN!!
Today went to Denise's house to matriculate and guess wad...we are in the same tutorial groups for 2 subjects...yippy!!!!Actually we were not so lucky, but we managed to change 2 of our tutorial groups to be tog...sad that unable to change all 4 groups. when we waited to see our time table, we were sooo excited...haha...denise even asked me was I as excited as receiving A's results. Haha...fortunate for us we have fridays off. Can go out on fri le...( ps. all of u readin this blog try hard to keep ur Fri(s) free from classes hor)
Last message for the day...please tolerate my amateur blog...too technical stuffs i dun know how to do...need to wait for me to study how to do those stuff...cya


10:33 PM