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Finally, I have made my contact lenses. This is really a remarkable step I have made haha...after such a long hesitation and deliberate dragging of time (coz I'm afraid), I have finally done it! Haha...guess how long did I take to put 2 pieces of thin plastics into my frantically-blinking eyes? 2hours? 3hours? Nah..I ONLY took 1 hour. Hey...it's much shorter time then I thought I would take leh. Ya, though I do admit that it's still a really long time. In the midst of trying, I wanted to give up. It's so frustrating. My eyelids, did not obey my brain at all and kept on blinking. I was amazed by the lady who taught me how to put. She could practically tell her eyeballs to pop up and they obeyed. I was so shocked by that. If only I have those eyeballs. Haha. Taking the lenses out were easier but not very easy also. Haha just now I tried putting them on again and this time it took me 30mins. Vast improvement right. Wonder what time must I wake up tomorrow to go through that torturing process again. Haiz must sleep early tonight.


5:20 PM