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Sadness and tragic has been in the air these few days.

Everyone is talking about the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami and last night scenes of unfortunate people were on TV's charity show.

I choose not to watch the news or read articles about the Japanese tragic incident and I stopped watching the charity show after half an hour.

Not that I am heartless or least concerned about them, but it's just that there are too much sadness for me to bear. I felt heavy-hearted when I watched the personal encounters of the SPD beneficiaries. I felt helpless when I saw images of elderly huddled together on the streets because of the earthquake. These feelings are too much to bear.

As such, I chose to stop watching the charity show, trying to ignore the cruel reality that such unfortunate things do happen. I chose to listen to second-hand accounts from friends about the Japanese incident instead since the impact is lessen as compared to seeing real images.

Before I can have the courage to face such despair and tragedy, I am an escapist.


11:01 PM


It has been eons since I last visited my blog. I totally ignored its existence for a long time. How long has it been, I was thinking.

I was surprised to see my last post dated 2 July 2010. That is like 8 months ago! That also marks how long I have been working. I have stopped blogging on the 2nd day of work.

I read through a couple of my previous posts and those seem foreign to me. I don't remember writing like that and I am not sure if I can write an entry again. I think I have lost my writing ability.

Why do I have the sudden urge to blog again?

I was watching a show (can't remember what was it) the other day and I had the sudden realization that I am getting shallow. I have not been using my sociological imagination. I have not been reading and keeping up with current affairs. I have not been in deep thoughts.

All I have been doing are working, having fun with friends and following Suju news updates.

I hope blogging can re-generate my thinking.


10:57 PM


Yesterday marked the end of my freedom :(

Weekdays no longer belong to me. How sad is that. For the next 2years at least.

Luckily I have enjoyed my last 5 days of freedom before I started work. Be it singing, porridge buffet, late night soya beancurd and milo dinosaur, mahjong, shopping, choc fondue, surprise party or just a simple dinner, I have enjoyed them all!! Thks friends for all the great times spent! Thks for the well wishes too!!

Just a sidenote, don't be mistaken that I am having a hard time at work. Don't worry work is alright. Just not that fantastic as having freedom.


8:31 AM


I can't wait for next week and next next week to come! There are so many things happening recently that I need a planner to jot them down!

Anyway, I had my first and last event with the cdc. It was held at the supreme court. My first time into supreme court!! I guess not many people have been there too right? There's not much of a reason to go there. The place is really big and it does not feel like a court at all. The only things that remind me that it's a supreme court are the paintings of chief justices and the strict security clearance.

Somehow this event reminded me of my internship stint. I missed those times whereby I was running around making sure that the models were ready for the runway and talking busily into the walkie-talkie. Events are fun! They are a good way for bonding too!

Back to the event held at supreme court...here are some photos taken that day.


10:37 PM


Yesterday I told my supervisor and the head of the dept that I will be leaving next week.

Somehow I felt bad. Some staff there had taught me quite alot. They put in alot of time and effort explaining to me not only the scheme but also teaching and guiding my thinking process. Everyday there will be someone guiding me on how to assess the client, whether to give assistance and what kind of assistance to give.

During the days whereby I have already signed the contract at the other side but have not informed this side (bcos my supervisor was not ard), I felt bad sometimes. That's when they taught me and photocopying lots of notes for me. They really trained me as a perm staff though I have not accepted their offer.

Although my whole stint there will only be 3 weeks or so, I have learnt things. And I have also wasted alot of manpower and paper resources.


8:20 AM


For the past one week I was in a deep dilemma. It was such a dilemma that I became very vexed.

Job-hunting is seriously very frustrating! In this week, I really could understand the Chinese principle of "tian shi, di li, ren he". All factors must work together and in my case they did not; especially timing.

I got a job offer from this A company but I wasn't really interested to take up this job offer. There are pros and cons of this job. Therefore, I was hoping that other job offers will coem soon before I have to make a decision on this A's job offer.

True enough, another offer from B came few days later. But once again, there are pros and cons of this job offer too. I have to weigh both offers and I was confused on which to accept or even to continue waiting for other jobs. To make things worse, I have very limited time to consider for this B's offer.

There is also one unofficial offer from C, my internship company. But this did not really bother me because I know that this is not something I want to work as.

Since A and B offers are lacking in one way or another, I am contemplating whether to reject both offers and wait for better offers. But yet again, I am worried that further job offers may be worse or worst still, what if no more job offers come knocking?

If only all the job offers come at the same time and I can assess all and decide which one to get. If only I can have a job offer whereby there are only pros and not cons.

But of course, all these ideal situations are not going to happen. Perfection is impossible.

After discussing with my parents and some close friends as well as thinking it through, I guess I have a better idea on what decision to make. Haiz hopefully I will not regret.


1:01 PM


It's so early and I am at bedok! I want to sleep more but need to come early for an exercise to meet the residents :(

I have alot of things to blog about...meet-ups with Suzhou clique...meet ups with elders friends...new working envt...but I am just too lazy to blog.

Work is making me lazy to blog. Everyday minus off work left me with little time.


8:17 AM